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Phystat Repository Policies and Procedures

by Mark Fischler last modified 2006-06-27 14:19

Scope of the repository

Suitable subject areas include:

  • Hypothesis testing
    • Model comparion
    • Classical tests
    • Baysian tests
  • Fitting and parameter estimation
  • Limit Setting
  • Categorization
    • Decision Trees
    • Neural Nets
  • Random Distributions

Continuity policy

The Phystat repository is intended to provide a suitable means to archive detailed code or other material for citation from published papers.

To that end, permanent and unique identification strings will be assigned to each version of each contribution. Also, once accepted, a contribution will remain accessible via that identification even if later changes in acceptance policy would prevent a similar contribution from being accepted in the future.

Moderation and content filtering

This is a "come as you are" repository; the intent is not to discourage using it for archival purposes by requiring preparation of documentation or other artifacts the author may not have at hand.

There is moderation of all submitted content (including comments about packages) to ensure content is suitable and relevant to topics in the scope of the repository. Moderation is loose: acceptance of conntent does not imply that the moderators or steering committee agree with or attest to the usefulness or correctness of the contributed code or text.

Future value-added activities may include organization of validation/endorsement mechanisms.

Criteria for contributions

Contributed packages must:

  • Include identification of authors and an e-mail contact address.
  • Contain material relevant to statistics, data fitting, random numbers, or other areas of the repository scope, and pertaining to or useful for physics applications.
  • Include code or explanatory material concerning algorithms or techniques utilized by physics analysis or items in the repository.
  • Include a brief description suitable for a potential user to read to decide whether to download the package.
  • Provide a tarball containing the code, build files, documentation and any other material composing the package.

In addition, the contributing author must:

  • Grant permission for the repository to distribute the contributed package, including code tarball and package description.
  • Acknowledge that tneither the Phystat repository nor Fermilab will enforce any copyright or license restrictions pertaining to the submitted material.
  • Agree to hold the Phystat Repostitory, Fermilab, the URA, and the DOE blameless for actions of users who may obtain materials from the repository.

The repository recommends that the LGPL license be applied to contributed software. However, the contributor is free to affix any license conditions desired, subject to the above rules regarding permitting distribution via the repository and not requiring the repository to enforce the license.

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