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Provides convolutions between decay time distributions with mixing and appropriate resolution functions

Thomas Kittelmann

Provides convolutions between decay time distributions typical for mixing and appropriate resolution functions. This is useful when such decay-time distributions are fitted for physics-parameters while properly taking detector resolution effects into account.

Decay time distributions can contain terms with a one or two-sided decay-exponential moderated by either nothing (a constant) or a cos, sin, sinh or cosh term.

The resolution function can be either a Gaussian or alternatively a Gaussian convoluted with a one-sided exponential (i.e. the GExp resolution function used by BaBar).

The class was used for my Master thesis studies in 2002 and a tar-ball with the class integrated into the RooFit fitting package (that worked at that time) is also provided in case it is found to be useful. For the same reasons the class and the calculations behind it are also documented in said thesis in section 7.4 and appendix D (thesis can be found at
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