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Package librarian HOWTO

by Site Administrator last modified 2007-03-30 17:50

How to be the package librarian for this site.


As Phystat librarian there is a fairly straightforward sequence.
  • You get email when someone uploads a new package, or an update to an existing package
  • You log into the site by clicking on the log in text in the upper right hand corner of the screen, filling in your username and password and submitting the form.
  • If there are pending packages, you should now have a box on the right side of your screen labelled review list
  • Click on a package in that list and review the page.  If there are any changes you would like to make:
    • use the edit  tab to get the edit screen for the package and change any text in the filled in form part, and then click Save to save any changes.
    • use the contents tab to get at the uploaded files to rename them, etc.  The interface is to click the checkbox next to an item and then click Cut or Copy or Rename. If you did Cut or Copy then Paste becomes an option as well. To make the site less confusing to visitors, much of the navigation on this site has been removed; so you may need to click on the package in the review list to get back to the main package page.
  • If the package is to your liking, you can publish it by clicking on the state: pending text and choosing "publish".  This will make the package visible to visitors to the site, and if it is an update, it will "retract"  the previous version of the package and refile it in the "old" folder.
  • If the package is not to your liking, you can use the actions tag to delete the submission, but you should probably send an email to the submitter first and let them know, so that you don't lose the email address; unless of course it is obvious spam, in which case contacting the sender is not recommended.
This document will be updated as needed.

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