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Title Category Id Purpose Description
StatPatternRecognition Library/Module 0602000 Categorization Tools to separate signal from background.
GExpConv Library/Module 0602001 Fitting Convolutions between decay time distributions
TMVA Major Toolset 0603000 Categorization ROOT based toolkit for parallel multivariate data analysis.
Spline1 Code Fragment 0606001 Fitting Cubic Spines in one variable
LEPStats4LHC Major Toolset 0703002
P-values and Bayesian limits and CLs limits and fits for new physics searches using ROOT -- mclimit_csm.C Major Toolset 0711001 Hypothesis Tester
CoverageChecker Library or Module 0811001 Other
Bayesian Reference Priors Analysis Code: refpriors Major Toolset 1007001 Other

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